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Baby Mama the Label

Bump to Beyond with Baby Mama

🌸 Welcome to Baby Mama – the Australian-owned and designed breastfeeding label that celebrates the beauty and empowerment of motherhood! 🌸

Led by Michelle, a veteran breastfeeding mother of four, we are thrilled to extend our warmest greetings to all mothers embarking on their breastfeeding journey. Michelle’s dedication to breastfeeding spans over a decade, marked by her remarkable achievement of tandem nursing for the third time with the arrival of her newest edition in February 2024.

At Baby Mama, we understand the unique challenges and joys that come with breastfeeding. That’s why Michelle is passionate about supporting mothers in achieving their individual breastfeeding goals while feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin. As a mother herself, she knows firsthand the importance of clothing that not only looks good but also makes you feel good during this transformative period of motherhood.

We believe that every mother deserves to feel empowered and confident, whether they’re breastfeeding at home or out and about. That’s why our specially crafted breastfeeding designs are tailored to provide discreet and convenient nursing experiences, allowing you to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, with ease and style.

Join us at Baby Mama and let’s embrace motherhood together, one stylish and confident mama at a time! 💕

Australian Owned & Designed

We’re proud to be an Australian-owned and operated business, and we’re committed to using sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of our business. Thank you for considering Baby Mama The Label for your pregnancy and postpartum clothing needs.

Create your signature Mum style with Baby Mama The Label