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I can’t put my baby down!

So your baby wont sleep unless on you? You finish breastfeeding, they doze off you think they’re asleep and you manage to get them into their bassinet and PING they’re eyes a wide open. So you start the process all again, breastfeed them, wait for them to doze back off. This can get quite exhausting, even frustrating but I want you to know Mama, your baby isn’t broken! What’s actually broken is the society in which thinks babies can sleep alone and independently. So you read a facebook post in your due date group how great sleepers their baby is. POT LUCK that’s all it is, 90% of us other mums have babies who all sleep on us and wake up when we put them down, it’s not just you. So how can you get your baby to sleep independently? Want to know the secret all us other mums are doing? It doesn’t involve any crying it out method. It’s babywearing for each nap or laying down and contacting napping. You have to say fuck it to the house work some days just lay down with baby, it’s survival for these early years especially if your baby still wakes 1000x a night for breastfeeds. So grab yourself a decent baby carrier you can pick them up 2nd hand on facebook market place for cheap as chips and I also highly recommend treating yourself to a Mumsie, the all in one overalls that are a baby carrier as well. They’re a little pricey but SO WORTH IT you’ll have them for years especially useful if you’re going to have more then one baby and if you happen to leave the house and forget your carrier. No need to stress because your wearing it. They have become my daily. I wear them while doing farm work, gardening, house work, even out to dinner.