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We all have heard how hard it is to breastfeed, if you make it past 6 months, a year, two, WELL DONE! But now you have a baby that doesn’t settle unless you give in and let them breastfeed. So now what?

You might find yourself jumping on to a online mothers group asking how your toddler won’t wean. You feel like you have tried everything!

The mothers in the group give you advice on what they did, how they offered food instead, or play as a distraction, maybe they had a husband who helped consol them while you went for a walk.

Well you’re here because you are at your wits end, you are done breastfeeding and feel like you want to run away every time your toddler reaches into your shirt, or cries at your hips.

I’m Michelle owner of Baby Mama The Label which is a Maternity and Breastfeeding friendly clothing label I started in my Mat leave in 2014. Aside from being a online clothing label. It’s also a platform that I can share my personal experiences with my own breastfeeding triumphs and struggles.

In January of 2023 I celebrated 9 consecutive years of breastfeeding 3 Children. I breastfed my 1st until he was 4 I breastfed him through the pregnancy of my 2nd and went on to tandem breastfeed them both for 12 months before I could no longer stand breastfeeding my eldest as the nursing aversion towards him was very severe.